Sinterflex Facade Coating

Sinterflex is a flexible ceramic coating plate measuring 1m x 3m in size with a thickness of 3mm. 1 m2 of this material, which can be cut and applied according to project dimensions for all kinds of applications, is approximately 7 kg. The convex elasticity radius of the 1m x 3m x 3mm plates is 5.5m and is in category 0 meaning it is completely fire resistant and non-flammable. Thanks to its protective glaze layer and porcelain structure on its surface, it is resistant to the strongest chemicals but can be cut and drilled according to the desired manufacturing dimensions with standard glass and ceramic cutters and computer-controlled automatic cutting and drilling machines. The smooth, dirt-repellent surface of Sinterflex coatings can be easily cleaned with water and other cleaning products and does not hold stains. Marks caused by crayons, felt pens and wooden pencils are easily removed and cleaned. Compared to conventional ceramic production processes, gas and dust emissions are 20 times lower and CO2 emissions are 1000 times lower. The number of heat conductivity multiples is W/mk 1.2 and humidity expansion is 0%.