Solar Breaking Systems

Accordingly, these systems, usually made of aluminum or other metal materials, are mounted horizontally or upright on the building to cut sunlight from the desired directions. The sun-breaking panels are connected to the main construction system in horizontal or vertical wings superficially covered on the exterior of the building, are fixed and the intervals are adjusted to ensure maximum efficiency from day light. The structures in which these systems are installed are usually complete window-walls and there is no need for a curtaining process. In aerofin systems, which is another system, the same type of wing systems mounted on the building can change shape according to daylight motion. Besides its aesthetic contribution, it also has many technical benefits. Especially in recent times, it has started to find more space within modern buildings and as a fundamental part of the structure. The disturbing effect of solar lights is eliminated while the application of completely open facades in the places where these systems are applied adds use in terms of spaciousness and aesthetics. The main purpose of solar breakers is not to completely block the sunlight, but to take enough of it in a healthy way and to make use of this energy efficiently.