Aluminium Composite Facade Coating

Aluminium composite panels consisting of polyethylene layers placed between two aluminium sheets find a wide range of uses today, from building facade dressing systems to advertising, promotion and decorative applications, and it continues to become more and more widespread with a growing trend. •Aluminium Composite Panels are manufactured with advanced technology and are easily used in modern architecture and are often preferred building elements. It helps to produce a new look and modern lines in all kinds of buildings and constructions. The availability of aluminium composite panels on the interior and exterior surfaces of buildings has made it a preferred building material. •Color variety and integrity, resistance to air effects, easy formability, heat and sound its retaining feature is superior to other building materials. Composite sheets, which are also environmentally friendly, can be used easily in wider openings than other building materials due to their durable structure. The advantage of high efficiency at low cost makes composite sheets indispensable. Solid, Metallic, Sparkling (glitter), Natural Stone and Wood Patterned color options are available. The colors are 30% brighter as standard. According to architectural preferences, production of 30% to 80% brightness is possible. Heat insulation is provided by applying stone wool and steam stabilizer steam to the back of the composite sheet coating, in front of the wall.