Ceramic Facade Cladding

After selecting the preferred ceramic or granite materials for the system, heat insulation is provided on the blank facades of the building and integrated into the structure with aluminum constructions of the system with clips, ducts or adhesive materials with the sub-carrier. Ceramic Facade Coatings are not stained and are not affected by atmospheric changes and their heat resistance is quite high.
Ceramics are an economical and reliable system applied by mounting on carrier aluminum profiles together with stainless steel visible clips and EPDM wicks. It can be used in all sizes.
Ceramics are mounted on a carrier construction with the help of aluminum clips attached to bridge-wing ducts opening from four points to their rear surfaces. It is generally applied to materials measuring 60×60 cm, 60×120 cm, and 50×100 cm.
Ceramics are mounted with a temporary tape that assists the aluminum carrier profile and a material with polyurethane-based high strength material that does not lose its elasticity between -40 °C and +100 °C. The most economical porcelain ceramic application method can be applied in all kinds of sizes. It can be installed as an open joint or a closed joint as requested. In the closed joint system, in addition to the open joint application, a special type of aluminium profiles of the desired RAL color are installed on the vertical and horizontal joints of the coating material, closing the gaps between the joints of the material.